Bletilla Striata Compounds
BSP molecule

1. Polysaccharides

What are polysaccharides?

Polysaccharides are complex carbohydrate structures packed with extraordinary properties that play a vital role in sustaining a plant's life. The high nutritive value brings forth the benefits on our immune and detoxification system. Within the roots, Bletilla Striata Polysaccharides (BSPs) repairs and renews skin damaged by environmental aggressors, and uses its natural ability to hydrate and retain water. In other words, nutritious food for our skin! 

2. Glucosides

What are glucosides?

Glucosides are derived from glucose (sugar). As a common compound found in plants, it functions to preserve the backbone of plants and helps to retain the moisture and nutrients gained from the roots. When used in skin care, it strengthens the skin's cell structure with its dermal repair abilities and helps to fade existing dark marks and eliminate further hyperpigmentation by disrupting the melanin (color) production process in the skin.

3. Anthocyanins

What are anthocyanins?

Anthocyanins are antioxidant plant cell pigments that are part of the flavonoid group of phytochemicals that play a role in not only reproduction and survival, but also gives flowers and vegetables their color such as blueberries! Anthocyanins protect plants from oxidative stress and their leaves from turning yellow due to UV rays. Likewise, they are thought to be natural sun protectants for our skin.

4. Stilbenoids

What are stilbenoids?

Stilbenoids are a class of antioxidant-like compounds, in which resveratrol (a phenol belonging to this class) is widely used in many skincare products. In plants, stilbenoids are produced upon injury or when a plant is under attack by bacteria or fungi. On our skin, they significantly reduce melanin and prevent skin darkening.

Why is the extraction method set at 70 ̊ C (158 ̊ F)?

To prevent the breakdown of Bletilla Striata compounds. Boiling the herb will cause possible polysaccharide degradation due to the extreme high temperature.

What is so special about Bletilla Striata compounds?

The concentrated compounds that are extracted can prevent uneven skin texture by delivering essential nutrients through the skin's barrier to reveal a more radiant complexion. Its free radical scavenging ability is even known to be more powerful than that of vitamin C and supports the skin's natural water retention process.

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