When Chloe first started October Beauty, she envisioned her cosmetics brand to be perceived as the highest standard amongst skincare offerings. She understood that a top-of-the-line product would require top-notch packaging. With the customer in mind, Chloe chose the airless pump jar to store her cream.

So what sets the airless pump jar above other bottling alternatives? The number one benefit is the increased shelf life of the product inside. Utilizing a non-pressurized vacuum dispensing system, one pump will mechanically raise the disc inside while keeping the product enclosed and pushing an ideal amount out of the pump. In contrast, traditional bottles force customers to open and close the cap/lid with every use, decreasing the product's potency and quality due to being exposed to external particles in the air.

But wait, there's more! Say goodbye to scraping, digging, and yearning for the last bit of your skincare product. The disc's design ensures that 100% of the product will be used before it is deemed empty and recycled. Finally, the use of the airless pump jar maximizes the product's longevity, enabling October Beauty to minimize the use of chemical preservatives and honor its commitment to natural, organic ingredients. We are excited to share our products with the natural skincare community and hope you grow to love October Beauty as much as we do!