Welcome to October Beauty's first post! I'm Chloe, a pharmacist, pianist, composer, and the founder of October Beauty. Coming out of pharmacy school, this was not the type of retail I thought I would be involved in. I imagined my life to be a repetitive schedule of 8-10 hour shifts behind a counter coupled with rotational graveyard shifts at the hospital's pharmacy. Yet after a short stint as a pharmacist, I knew that to live life to the fullest, I would have to pursue my passion for skincare.

Reflecting on my time in school, some of the most enjoyable experiences occurred during labs and compounding classes where I was able to perform hands-on experiments. This is where I discovered my passion to personally formulate cosmetic products under my very own skincare brand. Leveraging my academic know-how and extensive knowledge of current skincare offerings, I identified a gap in the market and aimed to address it. 

Creating my cosmetic solution was no easy feat. Sometimes I struggled to stay motivated, thinking "What did I get myself into?" But in the end, I told myself to be strong and persevere - that if I fail, it is just success in progress. After testing various combinations of ingredients and going through multiple iterations of compounding, I finally perfected my first cream. 

Months ago, I started my skincare brand believing that the path to achieving healthy, glowing skin should not be a secret. Today, I invite you to join the O'Beauty Family and our commitment to using only natural, organic herbs and cruelty-free ingredients. We will continue to grow our blog and share content on skincare tips, honest advice, and selfcare guidance. At the end of each day, we want you to feel confident and beautiful in your own skin regardless of age, skin type, and lifestyle.

Chloe Chng